The M3 locker provides secure, private storage for open workspaces and co-working spaces with high design standards.

Due to the development of modern working environments such as social labs and co-working spaces, individualized and secure storage options for personal belongings are becoming increasingly important. VARIO has developed the M3 locker cabinet for this purpose.

It offers users space for their work materials and documents, and can be equipped with a letter slot, coat hook, shelf and mirror. In addition, it has different lock variants such as box lock, combination lock or electronic RFID lock, completely tailored to the needs of the user. With push-to-open mechanism for versions without lock.

The fronts can also be selected with current trend colors niagaragron, angora gray, curry yellow, fern green or indianred.

1 BH (370 mm)
2 BH (740 mm)
3 BH (1110 mm)
4 BH (1480 mm)
5 BH (1850 mm)
6 BH (2220 mm)

428, 495, 600 mm

400, 600, 800, 1000 mm

Stand elements:
Adjustable glides 10 mm in the bottom, adjustable from the inside
Standard base 40 mm in premium white, white-aluminum and black
System base 100 mm, adjustable from the outside with removable panels
ICON frame 135 mm, adjustable with set screws

Equipment features
M3 Locker Adjustable sliding foot
Adjustable sliding foot
M3 Locker Steel base
Steel base
M3 Locker System base
System base
M3 Locker ICON base
ICON base
M3 Locker RFID lock / box lock / combination lock
RFID lock / box lock / combination lock
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ProjectInvestitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg ( ILB )
ArchitectKSP Jürgen Engel Architekten GmbH
Work places750
Areassingle and double offices, middle zone
ProductsM3 , VERSA P , STAGE , CONCLUSION Partition Wall , M3 Locker
M3 Locker Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB)
Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB)
ProjectHenn GmbH & Co KG, Dornbirn
DeveloperHenn GmbH & Co KG, Dornbirn, CEO Martin Ohneberg
ArchitectHeim+Müller Architektur + Innenarchitektur Michael Ohneberg
Work places76
Areasadministration, production, developments
ProductsM3 , STAGE , M7 Trailer / STAGE SX , M3 Locker
M3 Locker Henn, Dornbirn
Henn, Dornbirn
ProjectOnapsis Inc.
DeveloperOnapsis Inc.
ArchitectProject partners involved: Bialucha + Wittig Architekten
Work places1200 qm, 65 employees
AreasOpen space, conference rooms, meeting area, middle zone, lounge
M3 Locker Onapsis, Heidelberg
Onapsis, Heidelberg

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