VARIO ICON A-Bench is the table for the modern working world in the co-working space: communicative and open, transparent and multifunctional.

Eye contact and short distances enable dynamic group work with fast and direct communication - just as you need it for creative processes. If required, partitioning and screening is possible: 1, 2 or 3 functional rails can be inserted between the two opposing table tops, which can accommodate privacy screens to create zones and private spaces. Various modules such as screen holders, shelving elements and storage modules can also be attached here.

VARIO ICON A-Bench can be configured from 2, 4, 6 or 8 table tops. With 2 table tops of 800 x 1200 mm each, a table surface of 1600 x 1200 mm is created; with 8 table tops of 900 x 2400 mm each, a very large table surface of 1800 x 9600 mm can be formed. Side extension leaves also allow use from the end faces.

Thanks to the angled table legs, the construction is very stable. In addition, the ratio of table surface to frame of VARIO ICON A-Bench is very economical and space-saving.

Table height
740 mm (fixed height)

Table top thicknesses
25 mm

Dimensions of individual table tops
Width 1200 - 2400 mm
Depth 800 and 900 mm

Tabletop corners
90° corner

Design Prof. Klaus Michel (2014)

Equipment features
ICON A-Bench 1 functional rail (central)
1 functional rail (central)
ICON A-Bench 2 Functional rails (with centrally inserted wooden strip)
2 Functional rails (with centrally inserted wooden strip)
ICON A-Bench 3 functional rails
3 functional rails
ICON A-Bench light extension
light extension
ICON A-Bench screenholder
ICON A-Bench organization element
organization element
ICON A-Bench privacy screen
privacy screen
ICON A-Bench storage
ICON A-Bench attachment Plate
attachment Plate
ICON A-Bench system socket
system socket

Sockel/Table frame


white aluminium
white aluminium
premium white
premium white
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