VARIO M1 Locker - Securely locking away private items.

Due to the development of modern working environments, individualized and secure storage options for personal belongings are becoming increasingly important. In social labs, in co-working spaces and in open space offices, work is done at changing workplaces. And this means that private storage space at the workplace is no longer needed. Locker compartments such as the M1 Locker elements described here or the M3 Locker cabinets offer an alternative. But also the rollable VERSA H MiniCaddy with central garage is a flexible solution that also provides temporary seating.

Unlike classic cabinets, locker cabinets are characterized by a variety of different selectable locking systems. In addition to the locking systems shown, we also offer individual solutions, such as locks that can be integrated into the locking systems of buildings.

Basically, there are two different uses of lockers - lockers that are permanently assigned to a user or lockers that can be freely used by anyone.

Permanently assigned lockers:
• Lock cylinder with key. The user receives the key for use.
• Electric lock "fixed". The user receives a chip / card permanently assigned to the lock.
• Combination lock "fix code". The combination of numbers is fixed and known only to the user.

Freely usable loose compartments:
• Combination lock "free code". The number combination is set by the user and automatically resets to zero when opened.
• Electric lock "free" . The user receives a chip / card with which he can use open compartments.
• Coin lock with key. The coin is used as a deposit for the key. The key can be removed only when the lock is closed

There is an almost infinite number of electronic locking solutions. Battery-powered individual locks and wired systems with a central controller. Keypads, fingerprint or RFID technology (MIFARE®, LEGIC®). We also offer solutions outside the series, individually tailored to your needs. Please contact us!

The M1 loosening elements are part of the modular M1 system. Different M1 loosening elements can be combined with each other as well as with all other elements of the M1 system. Due to the modular design, a redesign as well as an extension of the cabinet combinations is possible at any time. A few compartments become many compartments, just as required.

The compartment size of the M1 loose elements is based on the grid dimension W/D/H 400 x 400 x 400 mm (internal dimension approx. 360 x 360 x 360 mm). Depending on the element size, an M1 loosening element contains 1 to 8 loosening compartments. Each locker compartment can be equipped with a letter slot and internal shelves.

Width 400 mm
Height 400 mm = 1 locker compartment
Height 800 mm  = 2 locker compartments
Height 1200 mm = 3 locker compartments
Height 1600 mm = 4 locker compartments

Width 800 mm
Height 400 mm = 2 locker compartments
Height 800 mm = 4 locker compartments
Height 1200 mm = 6 locker compartments
Height 1600 mm = 8 locker compartments

In addition to pure locker combinations, the modular M1 design allows a wide range of combinations with additional functions. Different colors for fronts and carcasses allow an individual design. The front of the locker compartments can be provided with numbers or other markings so that the user can find his compartment quickly and safely. The marking can be a continuous numbering, but also refer to building names and floors and also take into account the CI specifications of the company. The implementation is carried out individually using foil cuts. For personalized loose compartments we also offer business card holders, which are attached to the front.

For storage of utensils and transport of utensils to the workplace, the VARIO felt boxes are ideal. The felt boxes are available in the following dimensions.

Felt box small, height 80 mm
Outer dimension: W/D/H 252/350/86 mm
Inner dimension: W/D/H 238/308/72 mm

Felt box medium, height 160 mm
Outer dimension: W/D/H 252/350/166 mm
Inner dimension: W/D/H 238/308/152 mm

Felt box large, height 240 mm
Outer dimension: W/D/H 252/350/246 mm
Inner dimension: W/D/H 238/308/232 mm

Equipment features
M1 Locker RFID lock / box lock / combination lock
RFID lock / box lock / combination lock
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