VARIO M7 - the cabinet system with additive sliding-floating doors.

Compared to classic office cabinet systems, the VARIO M7 cabinet system is characterized by a very calm front appearance. To achieve this, the number of visible joints is reduced to a minimum by means of pre-hung sliding-floating doors and continuous carcase sides.

M7 cabinets are available up to a height of 6 BH with divided or continuous sliding-floating doors. Starting from a shelf element, the fronts are pre-hung and run in one plane on aluminum rails. With the sliding-sliding doors, the result is always an architecturally clear joint pattern.

The optional fabric covering of the fronts offers sound-absorbing properties in addition to a warm atmosphere.

In addition to the equipment with shelves, differentiated compartment division and pull-out clothes rail, there is also provision for running-in hanging pull-outs and drawers. Due to the adapted design, dimensions and materials, M7 can be optimally combined with the M8 wardrobe system.

Heights without stand element
2 BH: 740 mm
3 BH: 1112 mm
4 BH: 1483 mm
5 BH: 1855 mm
6 BH: 2226 mm

415, 600 mm

600, 800, 900, 1000 mm

Design: Prof. Klaus Michel

Equipment features
M7 anodized aluminum track
anodized aluminum track
M7 steel base 40 mm
steel base 40 mm
M7 acoustic back panel attached
acoustic back panel attached
M7 visible back wall attached with velcro
visible back wall attached with velcro


Base colours

white aluminium
white aluminium
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ProjectLeser Safety relief valves, Hamburg
DeveloperLeser GmbH & Co.KG
ArchitectGRS Reimer Architekten, Elmshorn
Work places200
Areasreception, conference and meeting rooms, offices, team offices, management office
M7 Leser Safety relief valves, Hamburg
Leser Safety relief valves, Hamburg
ProjectFraunhofer Institut FIT, St. Augustin bei Bonn
DeveloperFraunhofer Institut FIT, Bestandsgebäude
ArchitectInnenarchitekturplanung VARIO
Work places2 double offices, middle zone, lounge, meeting table
Areasdouble offices, meeting room, middle zone, "market place"
M7 Fraunhofer Institut (FIT) , Bonn
Fraunhofer Institut (FIT) , Bonn
Product family
M7 trailer / CHANGEM7 trailer / CHANGE
M7 trailer / STAGE SXM7 trailer / STAGE SX