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In 1872, Wilhelm Dichmann founded a water-powered sawmill in Kelkheim/Ts. Initially, the production schedule was subject to constant adaptations to changing market circumstances, but great competence in high quality components and timbers for the household furniture industry soon developed. From early on, a particular speciality of the house of Dichmann was the production of the highest quality veneers in oak, walnut, beech and other woods both at home and abroad.

The company developed well, with the involvement of many family members (there are currently 7 Dichmann brothers working in the company), and has continued to produce office furniture at the Kelkheim site since 1908. In the 50s, with the forward-looking development of office and organisation furniture, the company became one of the leading and most innovative in the office furniture sector.


VARIO® is and continues to be a producer of high quality office equipment with great benefits for the customer, on the basis of distinctive trade and construction know-how. In the future too, VARIO® will continue to expand its strengths – i.e. innovation and customer service – and support the changing requirements of the modern office environment of its customers with optimum furniture concepts and products
Continuity in values and demands, innovation in our drive to always be among the best: these are the pillars of thinking and operating at VARIO, which are not contradictory, but rather complementary – both today and over 140 years ago!




2014 Before they died, Agnes Tistler-Kachel and Dr. Hellmut Kachel had arranged their successors. The company’s management was taken over by Matthias Kurreck and Anton Flechtner.


2014 VARIO CHANGE is a modern sit/stand table system that meets the highest standards of ergonomics, practicality and timeless design.


2012 VARIO CONCLUSION – the consistent linking of the wall system and table programme in a clear design language


2011 VARIO STAGE –  a classic C-frame programme with height adjustment between 65 and 130 cm, maximum leg room with optimum stability and outstanding quality for both the product and its components


2010 VARIO M9 – a high-quality cupboard system with large visually calm sliding door fronts for prestigious, high-quality surroundings


2009 VARIO NOTION - a space-reating range of tables that harmonises suberbly with the modern view of transparent, spacious architecture.


2008 VARIO Let´s talk – Conference and meeting table


2007 VARIO M7 – a new type of office cabinet with sliding doors.


2007 VARIO M8 – a wing door cabinet in matching design.


2006 VARIO M1 – a stackable cabinet range comprising few elements, for the new individuality in the office.


2005 VARIO C40 - The new C-leg furniture system, which stands for user-friendly functionality, clear and modern design and an outstanding price-performance ratio


2005 VARIO M4 – Completion of the VARIO M cabinet systems by the VARIO M4/2 tambour cabinet range, the value added cabinet.


2005 VARIO VERSA S - the new mobile and fixed pedestal system with a product range that leaves no wish uncovered


2005 takeover by Dr Hellmut Kachel with two private equity partners in a management buyout


2004 Relocation in January to Liederbach am Taunus. A new site with a completely new, state of the art plant and a set-up that is even more appealing than before


2003 VARIO M-Schranksysteme – consistently developed as a building block system. Countless combination options provide individual and highly flexible storage space


2003 VARIO ICON – Klare, architektonische Formensprache, maximale Funktionalität und clevere Accessoires.


2002 VARIO COM.PLAY -  Clear architectural forms, maximum function and clever accessories


1996 VARIO OFFICE MOBILE privacy screens as an absolute trendsetter in the field of design-oriented, mobile room organisation


1995 First complete organisation of a combi-office in Germany with the VARIO ARCADA range developed especially for this


1994 VARIO TECTUR - an excellent organisation C leg range of the highest quality


1992 Acquisition of one of the first NC processing centres for tabletop production


1990 Introduction of “Selement”, one of the easiest to change and most versatile transverse ranges


1985 Introduction of the “Structure” workstation system


1982 Sale of VARIO® plant to the Skandinavisk group


1979 Introduction of “BIT”, the first range with integrated electrification


1966 VARIO® polystyrene system pullout


1958 Introduction of a building block system under the VARIO® brand


1951 Standardisation of floor units and introduction of the patented 7/D pullout


1947 Protection rights for the first organisable pullout by Dichmann