VARIO ICON A-Table is a height-fixed single workstation that is extremely stable due to the self-stabilising construction of the A-leg frame.

The inclination of the legs gives the VARIO A-Table a relaxed and dynamic appearance. The association with traditional table trestles is intentional; here, the workshop feeling is picked up on, which is particularly appreciated in young offices and start-ups. A useful side effect of this frame design is the very high stability that comes about as if by itself due to the angled leg position. The tabletop edge can be chamfered at the front, which makes the table appear even lighter. The portable VARIO BAG module for personal work documents can be hung freely under the tabletop. This turns VARIO ICON A-Table into a flexible workplace for changing people.

Table height
740 mm (fixed height)

Table top thicknesses
25 mm

Table top dimensions
Width 800 - 2400 mm
Depth 800 and 900 mm

Tabletop corners
90° corner

Design Prof. Klaus Michel (2014)

Equipment features
ICON A-Table BAG - portable box
BAG - portable box
ICON A-Table cable throughout
cable throughout
ICON A-Table cable throughout with milling
cable throughout with milling
ICON A-Table cable throughout, stainless steel Ø 60mm
cable throughout, stainless steel Ø 60mm
ICON A-Table cable throughout, plastic Ø 80mm
cable throughout, plastic Ø 80mm
ICON A-Table cable flap with cushioning and brush
cable flap with cushioning and brush
ICON A-Table cable cutout on rear edge
cable cutout on rear edge

Table frame


white aluminium
white aluminium
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