With its fully extendable pull-out trolley, the VARIO VERSA P apothecary cabinet combines the function of storage space for files and roller containers at the workplace.

The open design of today's office landscapes with the need to store the most important documents within the immediate reach of the user increasingly makes the VERSA P pharmacist's cabinet an interesting storage alternative.

The higher cabinets with a height of 2 to 3 OH are very suitable for dividing rooms and thus create privacy and personal storage space at the workplace. In addition, the higher versions allow temporary working while standing. The lower versions (in table height and under-table) extend the working and storage areas. The depth of the carcasses can be adapted to different depths for workstation combinations.

The storage space in the pull-out trolley can not only be used as file storage, but can also be equipped with drawers, storage trays, hanging frames and a private compartment. The fully extendable drawers then take over the function of the classic rolling or standing file. A removable cylinder lock in the front (optional) ensures discretion and security for sensitive documents or personal items.


Under-table cabinet
Width 450 mm
Height 570 mm incl. 19 mm cover plate
Depth 800 mm

Side cabinet (table height)
Width 450 mm
Height 702 mm + cover shelf (13 / 19 / 25 mm)
Depth 800 - 1055 mm

Tall apothecary cabinet
Width 450 mm
Height 2 OH = 837 mm + cover shelf (13 / 19 / 25 mm)
Height 2.5 OH = 1131 mm + cover shelf (13 / 19 / 25 mm)
Height 3 OH = 1181 mm + cover shelf (13 / 19 / 25 mm)
Depth 800 - 1055 mm

Top units:
Cover shelf

Width 450 mm
Thickness 13 / 19 / 25 mm
Depth for 1 apothecary cabinet 800 - 1055 mm
Depth for 2 apothecary cabinets 1600 - 2110 mm

Top shelf (open at the sides)
Width 450 mm
Height 200 / 370 / 429 mm
Depth 800 - 1055 mm

Top box
Width 450 mm
Height 100 / 250 / 400 mm
Height with planter tray (optional) 250 / 400 mm
Depth 800 - 1055 mm

Equipment features
VERSA P bow-handle, angular
bow-handle, angular

decor uni

premium white
premium white
pastel white
pastel white
misty grey
misty grey
stone grey
stone grey
diamant grey
diamant grey

decor metallic

white aluminium
white aluminium
graphite metallic
graphite metallic


maple decor
maple decor
beech decor
beech decor
oak decor
oak decor
acacia decor
acacia decor
walnut decor light
walnut decor light


Oak nature
Oak nature
Oak black
Oak black
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ProjectInvestitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg ( ILB )
ArchitectKSP Jürgen Engel Architekten GmbH
Work places750
Areassingle and double offices, middle zone
Products STAGE , VERSA P , M3 , M3 Locker , CONCLUSION Partition Wall
VERSA P Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB)
Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB)
ProjectLittle Lunch GmbH, Augsburg
DeveloperDierig Textilwerke GmbH
ArchitectDierig Textilwerke GmbH
Work places20
Areassingle offices, open space, team offices
ProductsICON work table , ICON Workbench , VERSA P , M3 , SINIX
VERSA P Little Lunch, Augsburg
Little Lunch, Augsburg
ProjectLeser Safety relief valves, Hamburg
DeveloperLeser GmbH & Co.KG
ArchitectGRS Reimer Architekten, Elmshorn
Work places200
Areasreception, conference and meeting rooms, offices, team offices, management office
VERSA P Leser Safety relief valves, Hamburg
Leser Safety relief valves, Hamburg
Projectzeroseven design studios in the former church "Zionskirche", Ulm
Architectzeroseven design studios, Ulm
Work places30
Areasreception, meeting room, offices, team offices
VERSA P zeroseven design studios, Ulm
zeroseven design studios, Ulm
ProjectTax consultant office, Villmar
ArchitectMichael Müller, Limburg
Work places15
AreasReception, conference room, single and team offices, central zone
VERSA P Tax consultant office, Villmar
Tax consultant office, Villmar
ProjectTheegarten-Pactec, Dresden
ArchitectVollack GmbH & Co. KG, Schkeuditz
Work places200
AreasSingle and team offices, central zone, project-desks, conference room
VERSA P Theegarten-Pactec, Dresden
Theegarten-Pactec, Dresden
ProjectEuricon, Obertshausen
VERSA P Euricon, Obertshausen
Euricon, Obertshausen
ProjectWipro/Westendgate, Frankfurt am Main
DeveloperWipro Technologies
ArchitectJust/Burgeff Architekten, Frankfurt am Main
Work places45
AreasOffices, reception, meeting rooms
VERSA P Wipro, Frankfurt am Main
Wipro, Frankfurt am Main
ProjectAero Pump, Hochheim am Taunus | Administration building, new build
DeveloperAero Pump Vermögensverwaltung
ArchitectPahl + Weber-Pahl Architekten, Darmstadt
Work places25
AreasSingle offices
VERSA P Aero Pump, Hochheim am Taunus
Aero Pump, Hochheim am Taunus
ProjectVolksbank Raiffeisenbank, Amberg | Branch office, refurbishment
ArchitectBenker & Maier Architekten, Amberg
Work places25
AreasOffices, team offices, meeting rooms
VERSA P Volksbank Raiffeisenbank, Amberg
Volksbank Raiffeisenbank, Amberg
ProjectHeadquarter Deutsche Leasing AG, Bad Homburg
DeveloperDeutsche Sparkassen Leasing AG & Co.KG
ArchitectA5 Planung GmbH, Wiesbaden
Work places1300
AreasReception, lobbies, meeting rooms, single offices
ProductsM9 , VERSA S , ICON Workbench , M4 , VERSA P
VERSA P Deutsche Leasing, Bad Homburg
Deutsche Leasing, Bad Homburg

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