The VARIO M3 storage system provides an extensive, economic storage space range with a depth of 428, 495 or 600 mm.

From 1 to 6 BH, this building block system constantly allows new combinations and joins together to form a convincing whole. The system can be equipped with visible rear walls made of fabric, sound-absorbent fronts and numerous sophisticated fitting features.

Modern handles, a discreet joint pattern, the damping of the folding doors, together with other technical details, make the cabinets the most sophisticated and most distinctly designed storage system on the market.

In terms of fittings, hardly a wish is left unfulfilled: wooden or steel shelves, hanging pullouts, narrow tray inserts, pullout hanging rails, filing drawers and differentiated dividers.

Depth 428, 495 or 600 mm

Height 1-6 BH 

Width with hinged doors

400, 600, 800, 1000 or 1200 mm

Width with transverse roller shutter 

800 or 1000 mm (up to 6 BH)

1200 mm (up to 5 BH)

1600 mm (up to 3 BH)

With with sliding doors

800 or 1000 mm

1200 or 1600 mm with centre wall

Equipment features
M3 handle bar
handle bar
M3 barrel handle
barrel handle
M3 bow-type handle, oval
bow-type handle, oval
M3 bow-type handle, angular
bow-type handle, angular
M3 square handle
square handle
M3 integrated handle
integrated handle
M3 vertical tambour
vertical tambour
M3 vertical tambour sound-absorbent
vertical tambour sound-absorbent
M3 sliders
M3 base
M3 base high
base high
M3 frame
M3 sound-absorbent visible rear wall
sound-absorbent visible rear wall

decor uni

premium white
premium white
pastel white
pastel white
misty grey
misty grey
stone grey
stone grey
diamant grey
diamant grey

decor metallic

white aluminium
white aluminium
graphite metallic
graphite metallic


maple decor
maple decor
beech decor
beech decor
oak decor
oak decor
acacia decor
acacia decor
walnut decor light
walnut decor light


Oak nature
Oak nature
Oak black
Oak black
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ProjectHenn GmbH & Co KG, Dornbirn
DeveloperHenn GmbH & Co KG, Dornbirn, CEO Martin Ohneberg
ArchitectHeim+Müller Architektur + Innenarchitektur Michael Ohneberg
Work places76
Areasadministration, production, developments
M3 Henn, Dornbirn
Henn, Dornbirn
ProjectInvestitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg ( ILB )
ArchitectKSP Jürgen Engel Architekten GmbH
Work places750
Areassingle and double offices, middle zone
ProductsSTAGE , VERSA P , M3 , M3 Locker , CONCLUSION Partition Wall
M3 Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB)
Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB)
ProjectFirmenzentrale DAL Deutsche Anlagen Leasing
DeveloperDAL Deutsche Anlagen Leasing GmbH & CoKG, Mainz
ArchitectZaeske und Partner Architekten BDA, Wiesbaden
Work places314
Areasmiddle zone with printer areas, wardrobes, reception, open space, conference and meeting rooms, single offices, team offices
M3 Deutsche Anlagen Leasing, Mainz
Deutsche Anlagen Leasing, Mainz
ProjectLittle Lunch GmbH, Augsburg
DeveloperDierig Textilwerke GmbH
ArchitectDierig Textilwerke GmbH
Work places20
Areassingle offices, open space, team offices
M3 Little Lunch, Augsburg
Little Lunch, Augsburg
ProjectB.E.S.T. Bodylines, Frankfurt am Main | Conversion of a former theater
DeveloperB.E.S.T. Bodylines
ArchitectA und O Architekten, Hamburg
Work places15
AreasMeeting rooms, offices
M3 B.E.S.T. Bodylines, Frankfurt am Main
B.E.S.T. Bodylines, Frankfurt am Main
ProjectBülow-Carré, Gleiss Lutz Sozietät, Stuttgart
DeveloperObjektgesellschaft L21 Stuttgart
ArchitectIPB Pralle + Hübenbecker, Stuttgart
Work places300
AreasOffices, meeting rooms, secretariat
M3 Gleiss Lutz Sozietät, Stuttgart
Gleiss Lutz Sozietät, Stuttgart
ProjectBoltze Gruppe, Braak | Administration building, new build
Architectbot Architekten, Hamburg | abcs Architekten, Hamburg
Work places120
AreasOpen space
ProductsSTAGE , M3
M3 Boltze Gruppe, Braak
Boltze Gruppe, Braak
Product family
M3 Brochure CabinetM3 Brochure Cabinet
M3 Locker CabinetM3 Locker Cabinet