The VARIO M1 Arena can be realised with the stackable M1 boxes.

Seating landscapes with the most diverse storage space, filing and shelving solutions are possible. Especially for the middle zone, M1 Arena is a suitable, space structuring furniture concept. Matching seat cushions measuring 400 x 400 mm or 400 x 800 mm with high-quality fabric covers create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere and set colour accents. Everything can be assembled, converted and dismantled without tools. A highly flexible piece of furniture for new office working worlds. For all those for whom change is important.

Stacking box
depth: 400 mm
width: 400/800 mm
height: 200/400/800 mm

Design: Prof. Klaus Michel (2003)

Equipment features
M1 Arena M1 integrated bar
M1 integrated bar
M1 Arena stacking box
stacking box
M1 Arena slider
M1 Arena castors
M1 Arena ICON base frame
ICON base frame
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ProjectFraunhofer Institut FIT, St. Augustin bei Bonn
DeveloperFraunhofer Institut FIT, Bestandsgebäude
ArchitectInnenarchitekturplanung VARIO
Work places2 double offices, middle zone, lounge, meeting table
Areasdouble offices, meeting room, middle zone, "market place"
M1 Arena Fraunhofer Institut (FIT) , Bonn
Fraunhofer Institut (FIT) , Bonn
Product family
The System: M1The System: M1
M1 Stacking Box ElementM1 Stacking Box Element
M1 Frame ElementM1 Frame Element
M1 Frame Element DeskM1 Frame Element Desk
M1 Counterheight TableM1 Counterheight Table
M1 Coat RackM1 Coat Rack
M1 Coat Rack mobileM1 Coat Rack mobile
M1 SecretaryM1 Secretary
M1 seating nicheM1 seating niche
M1 LockerM1 Locker