The VARIO M8 cabinet system is characterized by flat fronts.

Wing doors and drawers are all hinged, which reduces visible joints to a minimum. In addition, the cabinet sides have a continuous, joint-free design.

The top and bottom shelves are structurally sandwiched between the cabinet sides. The grooved 13 mm cabinet back panel recedes 19 mm in the carcase. Additive visible rear panels in many surface finishesc - e.g. also covered with fabric - can be inserted flush with the indented rear panel. Alternate installation is thus possible. Sound-absorbing 19 mm thick exposed rear panels are fitted with a hook-in fitting. The resulting hollow space supports the acoustic efficiency.

The equipment with shelves, differentiated compartment division, wardrobe equipment, hanging pull-outs and drawers with front panels offers all known possibilities. Due to the adapted design, dimensions and materials, M8 can be optimally combined with the M7 cabinet system.

Heights without stand element
2 BH: 740 mm
3 BH: 1112 mm
4 BH: 1483 mm
5 BH: 1855 mm
6 BH: 2226 mm

Depths with hinged front:
441 / 626 mm

Depths with hinged front and attached acoustic back panel:
461 / 646 mm

400 / 600 / 800 / 900 / 1000 / 1200 mm (1200 mm with center panel)

Design: Prof. Klaus Michel

Equipment features
M8 integrated handle
integrated handle
M8 handle
M8 visible rear wall
visible rear wall
M8 acoustic visible rear wall
acoustic visible rear wall
M8 steel base 40 mm
steel base 40 mm


Base colours

white aluminium
white aluminium
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ProjectBülow-Carré, Gleiss Lutz Sozietät, Stuttgart
DeveloperObjektgesellschaft L21 Stuttgart
ArchitectIPB Pralle + Hübenbecker, Stuttgart
Work places300
AreasOffices, meeting rooms, secretariat
M8 Gleiss Lutz Sozietät, Stuttgart
Gleiss Lutz Sozietät, Stuttgart
ProjectUnit Network, Mercator Haus, Leipzig
Work places18
AreasReception, lobbies, meeting rooms, thinking spaces, open space
M8 Unit Network, Leipzig
Unit Network, Leipzig
ProjectNeubau ARENA2036, Stuttgart
DeveloperVermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Universitätsbauamt Stuttgart und Hohenheim
ArchitectHenn Architekten, München
Work places100
Areassingle offices, team offices, workbenches, open space, middle zone, meeting rooms, conference rooms, printer areas, wardrobes
M8 ARENA2036, Stuttgart
ARENA2036, Stuttgart
ProjectJobarid Metallbau GmbH, Röthis
DeveloperJobarid Metallbau GmbH (managing director: Robert Ess)
Architectmitiska wäger architekten zt oeg
Work places12
ProductsM8 , STAGE , VERSA H Caddy
M8 Jobarid Metallbau, Röthis
Jobarid Metallbau, Röthis

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