Environmental Statement


Social and ecological accountability combined with economic success forms the foundation of our actions. As a business operating internationally and corporate citizen, we have special responsibility for gentle handling of our resources. We carry out this responsibility in all parts of the company.


Our modular furniture is produced in Liederbach am Taunus. Our modern factory began operation in 2004. The latest equipment and technologies are used to manufacture the furniture. A highly efficient logistical design also allows our production system to operate with minimal consumption of resources.


Our production is designed from the start to create a minimum of waste. Leftover materials are either returned to the production cycle or recycled. Our environmental management system is designed to the specifications of DIN EN ISO 14001 and certified by TÜV Hessen.


In addition to environmentally friendly production, VARIO office furnishings are particularly durable. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and outstanding workmanship, many of our products are in use for more than twenty years without any defects. We see this as an important contribution to resource protection. In addition, our office furniture can be separated into homogeneous materials, which can then be recycled.


We are aware of the challenges of climate change and want to make an active contribution to achieving climate protection goals. That is why we have joined the Unternehmensnetzwerk Klimaschutz  as a founding member. This IHK platform is developing a nationwide offer for companies and multipliers who want to actively contribute to climate protection and continuously improve their climate protection know-how.



We have also signed the charter of the "Initiative für verantwortungsvolles, nachhaltiges Wirtschaften". Through our membership, we are committed to addressing the range of sustainability issues and investing in the implementation of sustainability on site.


Our company is PEFC certified. The abbreviation PEFC stands for: "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes". The seal gives us responsibility, which we also fulfil. This means that we check exactly what we purchase and ensure in our purchasing which products we can then offer ourselves as PEFC-certified. The PEFC seal stands for sustainable forest management and is also intended to guarantee that no conflict timber is sourced. This includes endangered tree species from the Amazon, for example, or wood from Russia, which is excluded so as not to co-finance the war. The certificate also has a social component. Certain social standards and working conditions must be observed in the companies involved. Child labour is strictly excluded.




We make a further contribution to environmental protection by recycling our sales packaging in the Grüner Punkt dual system. In 2023, VARIO was able to avoid as much CO2 as a forest area of 1,564 m2 can filter out of the air in one year. You can download the Grüner Punkt 2023 environmental certificate below.

Our environmental statement is available as a  PDF for downloading. It contains many important details on the sustainability of our products, as well as an input-output analysis and a resource compendium of all materials we use, along with their emission and ecological relevance.


For questions on the subject, please contact us.