The VARIO CHANGE conference table brings movement into the meeting culture: the change from seated to standing conferences can be carried out very easily.

Regardless of whether it is a linked table system or a single meeting table, the CHANGE conference table can "grow" from a table with a height of 650 mm to a standing table with a working height of 1250 mm with an electromotive height adjustment.

Another special feature is the shape of the table tops: a generous oval looks modern, representative and elegant. The more classic boat shape, on the other hand, offers ideal conditions for maintaining good eye contact, especially in meetings with many participants.

Together with the VARIO CHANGE work and management tables, the VARIO CHANGE conference table offers a harmonious overall appearance thanks to the consistently maintained design language of the runners and outer columns. But also as a solitary table, it does justice to its role as a special place and communication island in the office, both in terms of design and function.

Thanks to the use of aluminium and the extremely reduced use of materials, VARIO CHANGE is significantly lighter than most height-adjustable tables. At the same time, it is particularly stable thanks to its unique construction.

Table heights
650 - 1250 mm (with electromotive height adjustment)
650 - 890 mm (with grid adjustment)

Table top thicknesses
12 mm (solid core), 13, 19, 25 mm

Oval table top dimensions
Width 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400 mm
Depth 1000, 1100, 1200, 1280 mm

Dimensions of table top boat shape
Width 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400 mm
Depth 700 - 1000 - 700 mm

VARIO CHANGE received the renowned Red Dot Design Award 2014 for its outstanding design quality.

Design: Gerhard Bernhold and Uwe Sommerlade (2013)

Equipment features
CHANGE conference T foot
T foot
CHANGE conference C foot
C foot
CHANGE conference frame colours
frame colours
CHANGE conference connecting element
connecting element
CHANGE conference height scale
height scale
CHANGE conference height control standard
height control standard
CHANGE conference height control with memory function
height control with memory function
CHANGE conference sliding panel function
sliding panel function
CHANGE conference horizontal fold-down cable tray
horizontal fold-down cable tray
CHANGE conference vertical cable duct with cable chain
vertical cable duct with cable chain
CHANGE conference printer shelf
printer shelf
CHANGE conference CPU-holder
CHANGE conference privacy screen
privacy screen

Sockel/Table frame

table connection/
foot element

white aluminum
white aluminum
graphit metallic
graphit metallic

telescopic column

white aluminum
white aluminum
graphit metallic
graphit metallic


premium white
premium white
white aluminum
white aluminum
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