The DUO 22 version is an optimised solution for double workstations.

VARIO SOLO 22 / DUO 22 is the purist among the VARIO sit-stand tables and is aimed at the implementation of large and medium-sized furnishing projects. The system includes both single workstations (SOLO 22) and linked double workstations (DUO 22). The development of this table system is based on our many years of experience in the project business as well as the current orientation of office space planning.

In addition to the proverbial VARIO quality, the VARIO SOLO 22 / DUO 22 table system fulfils the following four cornerstones:

1. a very attractive price-performance ratio

2. clear functionality and straightforwardness

3. made in Germany

4. delivery completely assembled

The columns of two SOLO 22 work tables are connected via two crossbars to form the DUO 22 double workstation. The use of runners can be dispensed with. This allows the user greater freedom of movement at his or her workstation. The table tops of the double workplace combination can still be adjusted in height independently of each other. To separate the two workstations, the classic screens can be attached to the table tops, which move along with the adjustment of the working height. Alternatively, a fixed non-moving screen can be mounted on the crossbars, which is independent of the set table heights. This gives a clear picture with a uniform height line (e.g. 1150 mm), which is often desired in office space planning.

With the infinitely variable electric motorised height adjustment, desk heights between 650 and 1250 mm can be set. The table is equipped with an up-down hand switch as standard. Optionally, a manual switch with memory function, display and height indicator can be selected.

Table heights
650 - 1250 mm (with electromotive height adjustment)

Table top thicknesses
19, 25 mm

Table top dimensions
Width 1200 - 1800 mm
Depth 800 / 900 mm

Tabletop corners
90° corner or 40 mm corner radius

Sit-stand column
3-part bottom-up column (tapering to the top)
rectangular 90 x 60 mm

Equipment features
DUO 22 SOLO/DUO privacy screen
SOLO/DUO privacy screen
DUO 22 SOLO/DUO modesty panel
SOLO/DUO modesty panel
DUO 22 Privacy screen PET PORT
Privacy screen PET PORT
DUO 22 Cable tray with cable chain
Cable tray with cable chain
DUO 22 Cable tray opened outwards
Cable tray opened outwards
DUO 22 Cable tray opened inwards
Cable tray opened inwards
DUO 22 Equipment drawer
Equipment drawer
DUO 22 Laptop holder
Laptop holder
DUO 22 CPU holder
CPU holder
DUO 22 Height adjustment up-down
Height adjustment up-down
DUO 22 Height adjustment with memory/display
Height adjustment with memory/display
DUO 22 Height adjustment rocker switch
Height adjustment rocker switch

Sockel/Table frame


deep black
deep black
white aluminium
white aluminium
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ProjectRiemenschneider, Rodgau
DeveloperExisting building
Work places32 workstations
AreasIndividual offices, open space, conference, standing meeting, lounge area, break room
DUO 22 Surveying office Riemenschneider, Rodgau
Surveying office Riemenschneider, Rodgau

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