ICON Single 

VARIO ICON is a classic four-leg system, which stands out for its clear architectural design. The impression and workmanship of the suspended desktop, clear lines and classic materials are in a class of its own.

With VARIO ICON it is possible to achieve double workstations, generous group workspaces and conference facilities. In 2004, VARIO ICON was awarded the red dot due to its „outstanding design quality”.

desktop thickness: 12 – 25 mm.

desktop size:
width 800 - 2400 mm
depth 620 - 1000 mm

desktop shapes: square, recktangle

Design: Prof. Klaus Michel (2003)

Equipment features
ICON Single cable grommet for HPL
cable grommet for HPL
ICON Single cable throughout
cable throughout
ICON Single cable throughoutwith milling
cable throughout
with milling
ICON Single integrated media box
integrated media box
ICON Single large volume media box
large volume media box
ICON Single modesty panel
modesty panel
ICON Single horizontal and vertical cable ducts
horizontal and vertical cable ducts
ICON Single cable duct, opened
cable duct, opened
ICON Single adjustable height – the mobile desk
adjustable height – the mobile desk
ICON Single fixed height frame
fixed height frame
ICON Single height adjustable frame
height adjustable frame
ICON Single upholstered privacy screen S40
upholstered privacy screen S40
ICON Single bright chrome finish multi-function nodes
bright chrome finish multi-function nodes
ICON Single high function cable clips
high function cable clips
ICON Single seemingly suspended desktop
seemingly suspended desktop
ICON Single cable channeling
cable channeling
ICON Single combi-support and CPU holder
combi-support and CPU holder
Soft Touch
creme TH1
creme TH1
camel-sand TH3
camel-sand TH3
brown TH4
brown TH4
grey-brown TH5
grey-brown TH5
black TH6
black TH6
Oak nature EET
Oak nature EET
Oak black EES
Oak black EES
maple HAD
maple HAD
beech HBD
beech HBD
oak HED
oak HED
acacia HAI
acacia HAI
walnut light HNH
walnut light HNH
decor uni
premium white HP8
premium white HP8
pastel white HPW
pastel white HPW
misty grey HNG
misty grey HNG
titan HGA
titan HGA
lava HLV
lava HLV
stone grey HSN
stone grey HSN
porcelain HZN
porcelain HZN
diamant grey HDL
diamant grey HDL
black HNO
black HNO
premiumwhite VVM
premiumwhite VVM
pastel white VVB
pastel white VVB
misty grey VVA
misty grey VVA
Sockel/Table frame
white aluminium
white aluminium
Special Colour
pastel white
pastel white
graphite metallic
graphite metallic
ProjectFraunhofer Institut FIT, St. Augustin bei Bonn
DeveloperFraunhofer Institut FIT, Bestandsgebäude
ArchitectInnenarchitekturplanung VARIO
Work places2 double offices, middle zone, lounge, meeting table
Areasdouble offices, meeting room, middle zone, "market place"
ICON Single Fraunhofer Institut (FIT) , Bonn
Fraunhofer Institut (FIT) , Bonn
ProjectRevitalization of a production hall in office workplaces
DeveloperSRAM Deutschland GmbH
ArchitectRopertz & Partner Projektmanagement GmbH, Schweinfurt
Work places92 Workplaces / 18 Conference tables
Areasopen space, meeting rooms
ICON Single SRAM Deutschland, Schweinfurt
SRAM Deutschland, Schweinfurt
ProjectLittle Lunch GmbH, Augsburg
DeveloperDierig Textilwerke GmbH
ArchitectDierig Textilwerke GmbH
Work places20
Areassingle offices, open space, team offices
ICON Single Little Lunch, Augsburg
Little Lunch, Augsburg
Projectzeroseven design studios in the former church "Zionskirche", Ulm
Architectzeroseven design studios, Ulm
Work places30
Areasreception, meeting room, offices, team offices
ICON Single zeroseven design studios, Ulm
zeroseven design studios, Ulm
ProjectTax consultant office, Villmar
ArchitectMichael Müller, Limburg
Work places15
AreasReception, conference room, single and team offices, central zone
ICON Single Tax consultant office, Villmar
Tax consultant office, Villmar
ProjectVereinigte Volksbank AG Hauptstelle Sindelfingen
ArchitectLiener Büromöbel Planungsabteilung, Stuttgart
Work places80
AreasReception, meeting room, single and team offices
ICON Single Volksbank, Sindelfingen
Volksbank, Sindelfingen
ProjectEuricon, Obertshausen
ICON Single Euricon, Obertshausen
Euricon, Obertshausen
ProjectAllianz Global Investors, Triton-House, Frankfurt am Main | Revitalization
DeveloperAllianz Real Estate
ArchitectTEK TO NIK Architekten, Wenzel & Partner, Frankfurt am Main
Work places1200
Areasconference rooms, offices, canteen
ICON Single Allianz Global Investors, Frankfurt am Main
Allianz Global Investors, Frankfurt am Main
ProjectLandtag Brandenburg, Potsdam | Neubau
DeveloperBAM PPP Landtag Potsdam Projektgesellschaft
ArchitectPeter Kulka Architektur, Dresden/Köln
Work places400
AreasMeeting rooms, offices
ICON Single Landtag Brandenburg, Potsdam
Landtag Brandenburg, Potsdam
ProjectB.E.S.T. Bodylines, Frankfurt am Main | Conversion of a former theater
DeveloperB.E.S.T. Bodylines
ArchitectA und O Architekten, Hamburg
Work places15
AreasMeeting rooms, offices
ICON Single B.E.S.T. Bodylines, Frankfurt am Main
B.E.S.T. Bodylines, Frankfurt am Main
ProjectBülow-Carré, Gleiss Lutz Sozietät, Stuttgart
DeveloperObjektgesellschaft L21 Stuttgart
ArchitectIPB Pralle + Hübenbecker, Stuttgart
Work places300
AreasOffices, meeting rooms, secretariat
ICON Single Gleiss Lutz Sozietät, Stuttgart
Gleiss Lutz Sozietät, Stuttgart
ProjectGoethe Universität, Campus Westend, Frankfurt am Main
DeveloperLand Hessen
ArchitectThomas Müller | Ivan Reimann Architekten, Berlin
Work places1000
AreasSingle offices, meeting rooms, learning spaces, seminar rooms, lecture rooms
ICON Single Campus Westend, Frankfurt am Main
Campus Westend, Frankfurt am Main
ProjectVolksbank Raiffeisenbank, Amberg | Branch office, refurbishment
ArchitectBenker & Maier Architekten, Amberg
Work places25
AreasOffices, team offices, meeting rooms
ICON Single Volksbank Raiffeisenbank, Amberg
Volksbank Raiffeisenbank, Amberg
ProjectBundessteuerberaterkammer, Berlin, Humboldt Carré | First occupancy after refurbishment
DeveloperBonnvisio und Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin
ArchitectArchitekturbüro Schommer, Bonn
Work places50
AreasSingle offices, team offices, open space, meeting rooms
ICON Single Bundessteuerberaterkammer, Berlin
Bundessteuerberaterkammer, Berlin
ProjectDKV Headquarter Ratingen, Düsseldorf | new build
DeveloperDKV Euro Service
ArchitectRopertz & Partner, Architekten + Ingenieure
Work places450
AreasReception, single offices, meeting rooms, team offices, open space
ProductsICON Single , ICON Team , VERSA S , M4
ICON Single DKV, Düsseldorf
DKV, Düsseldorf
ProjectIdeenbotschaft, Grey Group, Düsseldorf | new build
DeveloperLEG Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft NRW, Düsseldorf
ArchitectPetzinka Pink Architekten, Düsseldorf
Work places500
AreasTeam offices, open space
ICON Single Grey Worldwide, Düsseldorf
Grey Worldwide, Düsseldorf
ProjectHDI Gerling Hauptverwaltung, Hannover
DeveloperHDI Gerling AG
ArchitectIngenhoven Architects, Düsseldorf
Work places1950
AreasSingle offices, team offices, open space, meeting rooms
ICON Single HDI Gerling, Hannover
HDI Gerling, Hannover
ProjectHeisse Kursawe Eversheds, Office Hamburg Alsterufer | new build
ArchitectMevius Mörker Architekten
Work places15
AreasReception, meeting rooms, single offices
ICON Single Heisse Kursawe Eversheds, Hamburg
Heisse Kursawe Eversheds, Hamburg
ProjectPorsche Consulting Bietigheim-Bissingen, Stuttgart | new build
DeveloperPorsche AG
ArchitectDierig Architekten, Ravensburg
Work places220
AreasReception, lobbies, open space, meeting rooms, thinking space
ICON Single Porsche Consulting, Stuttgart
Porsche Consulting, Stuttgart
ProjectUnit Network, Mercator Haus, Leipzig
Work places18
AreasReception, lobbies, meeting rooms, thinking spaces, open space
ICON Single Unit Network, Leipzig
Unit Network, Leipzig
Product family
ICON Sit-Stand TableICON Sit-Stand Table
ICON Counter Height TableICON Counter Height Table
ICON LecternICON Lectern
ICON ConferenceICON Conference
ICON Bench | StoolICON Bench | Stool
ICON | M1 Rotary TableICON | M1 Rotary Table
ICON A-TableICON A-Table
ICON A-BenchICON A-Bench