VARIO M1 - a stacking box system with unlimited possibilities.

The VARIO M1 stacking box system is based on a 40 cm grid. The individual units can be combined again and again without tools and in an uncomplicated way. Shelves, drawers, filing drawers, front flaps and three base variants serve as equipment.

As a supplement to the M1 stacking box system, VARIO has developed the filigree M1 frame element, which now allows for an even greater range of variants.

VARIO M1 can be used to create spacious side and highboard units that can be easily divided into smaller units as required. The high modularity then allows completely new constellations.

All VARIO M1 stacking boxes can be equipped with continuous cover panels in different surfaces and material thicknesses.

Stacking box
depth: 400 mm
width: 400/800 mm
height: 200/400/800 mm

Design: Prof. Klaus Michel (2003)

Equipment features
M1  integrated bar
integrated bar
M1  stacking box
stacking box
M1  slider
M1  castor
M1  base
M1  frame

Sockel/Table frame

Frame colours

white aluminium
white aluminium

Base colours

white aluminium
white aluminium
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ProjectIdeenbotschaft, Grey Group, Düsseldorf | new build
DeveloperLEG Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft NRW, Düsseldorf
ArchitectPetzinka Pink Architekten, Düsseldorf
Work places500
AreasTeam offices, open space
M1  Grey Worldwide, Düsseldorf
Grey Worldwide, Düsseldorf
ProjectHeisse Kursawe Eversheds, Office Hamburg Alsterufer | new build
ArchitectMevius Mörker Architekten
Work places15
AreasReception, meeting rooms, single offices
M1  Heisse Kursawe Eversheds, Hamburg
Heisse Kursawe Eversheds, Hamburg
ProjectPorsche Consulting Bietigheim-Bissingen, Stuttgart | new build
DeveloperPorsche AG
ArchitectDierig Architekten, Ravensburg
Work places220
AreasReception, lobbies, open space, meeting rooms, thinking space
M1  Porsche Consulting, Stuttgart
Porsche Consulting, Stuttgart
ProjectUnit Network, Mercator Haus, Leipzig
Work places18
AreasReception, lobbies, meeting rooms, thinking spaces, open space
M1  Unit Network, Leipzig
Unit Network, Leipzig
ProjectNeubau ARENA2036, Stuttgart
DeveloperVermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Universitätsbauamt Stuttgart und Hohenheim
ArchitectHenn Architekten, München
Work places100
Areassingle offices, team offices, workbenches, open space, middle zone, meeting rooms, conference rooms, printer areas, wardrobes
M1  ARENA2036, Stuttgart
ARENA2036, Stuttgart
ProjectFraunhofer Institut FIT, St. Augustin bei Bonn
DeveloperFraunhofer Institut FIT, Bestandsgebäude
ArchitectInnenarchitekturplanung VARIO
Work places2 double offices, middle zone, lounge, meeting table
Areasdouble offices, meeting room, middle zone, "market place"
M1  Fraunhofer Institut (FIT) , Bonn
Fraunhofer Institut (FIT) , Bonn
ProjectOnapsis Inc.
DeveloperOnapsis Inc.
ArchitectProject partners involved: Bialucha + Wittig Architekten
Work places1200 qm, 65 employees
AreasOpen space, conference rooms, meeting area, middle zone, lounge
M1  Onapsis, Heidelberg
Onapsis, Heidelberg

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Product family
The System: M1The System: M1
M1 Frame ElementM1 Frame Element
M1 DeskM1 Desk
M1 Counterheight TableM1 Counterheight Table
M1 Coat rackM1 Coat rack
M1 Coat rack mobileM1 Coat rack mobile
M1 SecretaryM1 Secretary
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M1 ArenaM1 Arena
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