Large-format, functionally usable fronts, high-quality hardware, sophisticated locking technology and optimum use of space - these are the outstanding advantages of VARIO M10.

High-quality sliding door hardware guarantees smooth running even with large-format fronts. In addition, sophisticated damping and magnetic fixing of the open doors ensure safety and convenience.

In each case, 2 or 3 basic housings combine with the corresponding number of doors to form large cabinet combinations. This results in total cabinet widths of up to 3600 mm.

When the fronts are optionally equipped with fabric, a homely atmosphere for waiting areas, lounges, comfortable meeting situations and concentrated work is achieved in addition to a noise-reducing effect.

The floating doors run in front of the carcase. For the 2-door cabinet combination, you can choose between a door running in front on the right or left. In the 3-door cabinet combination, the leading door is in the middle. Up to 4 BH all configurations are equipped with a cover plate. Note: From 5 BH this is optional. Subsequent installation of the cover plate is not possible.

Heights incl. 13 mm cover plate
2 BH: 870 mm
3 BH: 1220 mm
4 BH: 1570
5OH: 1920 mm (1892 mm without cover plate)
6 BH: 2270 mm (2242 mm without cover plate)

450 / 630 mm
469 /649 mm with additive visible rear panel

Width cabinet modules
800 / 1000 / 1200 mm

Width 2-door cabinet combinations
1600 / 2000 / 2400 mm (+ 25 mm as add-on cabinet)

Width 3-door cabinet combinations
2400 / 3000 / 3600 mm (+ 25 mm as add-on cabinet)

Equipment features
M10 suspension frames
suspension frames
M10 impact absorption
impact absorption
M10 magnetic holding in place
magnetic holding in place
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Projectzeroseven design studios in the former church "Zionskirche", Ulm
Architectzeroseven design studios, Ulm
Work places30
Areasreception, meeting room, offices, team offices
M10 zeroseven design studios, Ulm
zeroseven design studios, Ulm
ProjectWipro/Westendgate, Frankfurt am Main
DeveloperWipro Technologies
ArchitectJust/Burgeff Architekten, Frankfurt am Main
Work places45
AreasOffices, reception, meeting rooms
M10 Wipro, Frankfurt am Main
Wipro, Frankfurt am Main
ProjectRiemenschneider, Rodgau
DeveloperExisting building
Work places32 workstations
AreasIndividual offices, open space, conference, standing meeting, lounge area, break room
M10 Surveying office Riemenschneider, Rodgau
Surveying office Riemenschneider, Rodgau

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