The M1 desk is a desk built entirely from the M1 system.

Frame elements, stacking box elements and tabletop allow individual configurations in seat height. Not only individual workstations but also group workstations, angled workstations and workbenches can be created - in combination with storage space, room zoning and much more. You can find all the elements available for this on the M1 system page. Whether seating, room divider, sideboard or high shelf wall, whether desk and high table configurations, for individual workstations or for group offices - all this can be set up easily and without tools.

The M1 frame element is available in a width of 800 mm and in three heights: 400, 200 and 100 mm, the floor element is 100 mm high and equipped with adjustable glides. The colour is either black or white. The same surfaces are available for the 19 mm thick shelves and cover shelves as for the M1 stacking box system; in addition, they can be edged in black or white, depending on which frame element colour is chosen.

Table tops
Width 1600 / 1800 / 2000 mm
Depth 800 mm
Thickness 19 mm

Frame element
Width 400 / 800 mm
Height 100 / 200 / 400 mm
Depth 400 mm

Design of frame element
as stacking element
as underframe with adjustable glides
as underframe with castors
with cut-out for flower pots

Stacking boxes
Width 400 / 800 mm
Height 100 / 200 / 400 mm
Depth 400 mm

Version stacking box element
as shelf element
as hinged door element
as sliding door element
as drawer element
as flap element

VARIO M1 frame was awarded the Red Dot Winner 2021!

Design frame element: Miriam Reihl (2019)
Design box system: Prof. Klaus Michel (2003)


Table frame

Frame Element

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ProjectOnapsis Inc.
DeveloperOnapsis Inc.
ArchitectProject partners involved: Bialucha + Wittig Architekten
Work places1200 qm, 65 employees
AreasOpen space, conference rooms, meeting area, middle zone, lounge
M1 Desk Onapsis, Heidelberg
Onapsis, Heidelberg
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