With VARIO ICON, conference systems can be realised with a one-piece top up to a maximum width of 2400 mm and a depth of 1600 mm.

When adding table tops and frames, the simple row or fixed installation with recessed centre legs is possible. Extensive media flaps are available for connecting media technology.

Table heights
650 - 850 mm (height adjustable with locking screw)

Table top thicknesses
13, 19, 25 mm

Table top dimensions
Width 800 - 2400 mm
Depth 1000 - 1600 mm

Tabletop corners
90° corner

In 2004 VARIO ICON was awarded the red dot for outstanding product design.

Design: Prof. Klaus Michel (2003)

Equipment features
ICON conference Apparently floating plate
Apparently floating plate
ICON conference Cable outlet box
Cable outlet box
ICON conference Cable outlet box with milling
Cable outlet box with milling
ICON conference Cable outlet box stainless steel Ø 60 mm
Cable outlet box stainless steel Ø 60 mm
ICON conference Cable outlet box plastic Ø 80 mm
Cable outlet box plastic Ø 80 mm
ICON conference Cable flap with brush
Cable flap with brush
ICON conference Integrated media box
Integrated media box
ICON conference large-volume media box
large-volume media box
ICON conference shiny chrome-plated multifunctional knot
shiny chrome-plated multifunctional knot
ICON conference Legroom trim
Legroom trim
ICON conference S40 fabric-covered screen
S40 fabric-covered screen
ICON conference horizontal and vertical cable duct
horizontal and vertical cable duct
ICON conference Cable duct, open
Cable duct, open
ICON conference Cable duct
Cable duct
ICON conference Functional cable clips
Functional cable clips
ICON conference Equipment shelf
Equipment shelf
ICON conference CPU holder
CPU holder
ICON conference Height-adjustable frame
Height-adjustable frame

Sockel/Table frame


white aluminium
white aluminium

Special Colour

pastel white
pastel white
graphite metallic
graphite metallic
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Projectzeroseven design studios in the former church "Zionskirche", Ulm
Architectzeroseven design studios, Ulm
Work places30
Areasreception, meeting room, offices, team offices
ICON conference zeroseven design studios, Ulm
zeroseven design studios, Ulm
ProjectAllianz Global Investors, Triton-House, Frankfurt am Main | Revitalization
DeveloperAllianz Real Estate
ArchitectTEK TO NIK Architekten, Wenzel & Partner, Frankfurt am Main
Work places1200
Areasconference rooms, offices, canteen
ProductsLET'S TALK ROUND , VERSA S , M9 , ICON Workbench , ICON conference , CONCLUSION counter-height table , ICON work table
ICON conference Allianz Global Investors, Frankfurt am Main
Allianz Global Investors, Frankfurt am Main
ProjectTax consultant office, Villmar
ArchitectMichael Müller, Limburg
Work places15
AreasReception, conference room, single and team offices, central zone
ICON conference Tax consultant office, Villmar
Tax consultant office, Villmar
ProjectB.E.S.T. Bodylines, Frankfurt am Main | Conversion of a former theater
DeveloperB.E.S.T. Bodylines
ArchitectA und O Architekten, Hamburg
Work places15
AreasMeeting rooms, offices
ICON conference B.E.S.T. Bodylines, Frankfurt am Main
B.E.S.T. Bodylines, Frankfurt am Main
ProjectGoethe Universität, Campus Westend, Frankfurt am Main
DeveloperLand Hessen
ArchitectThomas Müller | Ivan Reimann Architekten, Berlin
Work places1000
AreasSingle offices, meeting rooms, learning spaces, seminar rooms, lecture rooms
ICON conference Campus Westend, Frankfurt am Main
Campus Westend, Frankfurt am Main
ProjectBundessteuerberaterkammer, Berlin, Humboldt Carré | First occupancy after refurbishment
DeveloperBonnvisio und Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin
ArchitectArchitekturbüro Schommer, Bonn
Work places50
AreasSingle offices, team offices, open space, meeting rooms
ICON conference Bundessteuerberaterkammer, Berlin
Bundessteuerberaterkammer, Berlin
ProjectHDI Gerling Hauptverwaltung, Hannover
DeveloperHDI Gerling AG
ArchitectIngenhoven Architects, Düsseldorf
Work places1950
AreasSingle offices, team offices, open space, meeting rooms
ICON conference HDI Gerling, Hannover
HDI Gerling, Hannover
ProjectHeisse Kursawe Eversheds, Office Hamburg Alsterufer | new build
ArchitectMevius Mörker Architekten
Work places15
AreasReception, meeting rooms, single offices
ICON conference Heisse Kursawe Eversheds, Hamburg
Heisse Kursawe Eversheds, Hamburg
ProjectPorsche Consulting Bietigheim-Bissingen, Stuttgart | new build
DeveloperPorsche AG
ArchitectDierig Architekten, Ravensburg
Work places220
AreasReception, lobbies, open space, meeting rooms, thinking space
ICON conference Porsche Consulting, Stuttgart
Porsche Consulting, Stuttgart
ProjectUnit Network, Mercator Haus, Leipzig
Work places18
AreasReception, lobbies, meeting rooms, thinking spaces, open space
ICON conference Unit Network, Leipzig
Unit Network, Leipzig
ProjectLeser Safety relief valves, Hamburg
DeveloperLeser GmbH & Co.KG
ArchitectGRS Reimer Architekten, Elmshorn
Work places200
Areasreception, conference and meeting rooms, offices, team offices, management office
ICON conference Leser Safety relief valves, Hamburg
Leser Safety relief valves, Hamburg
ProjectOnapsis Inc.
DeveloperOnapsis Inc.
ArchitectProject partners involved: Bialucha + Wittig Architekten
Work places1200 qm, 65 employees
AreasOpen space, conference rooms, meeting area, middle zone, lounge
ICON conference Onapsis, Heidelberg
Onapsis, Heidelberg
ProjectRiemenschneider, Rodgau
DeveloperExisting building
Work places32 workstations
AreasIndividual offices, open space, conference, standing meeting, lounge area, break room
ICON conference Surveying office Riemenschneider, Rodgau
Surveying office Riemenschneider, Rodgau

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