Time limited - currently trendy - colourful modern

VARIO extends the range of carcase surfaces by 5 new trend colours. For a limited period of time, the M1 cabinet system and the M3 locker cabinet can be designed with the colours angora grey, curry yellow, indian red, fern green and niagara green at no extra charge.


angora grey

The warm, light grey tone harmonises well with woods and subtle unit tones, but can also stand strong accent colours well.

curry yellow

This very modern, yellow-green combination colour is a strong partner for dark woods or grey tones.


indian red

The intensive natural red tone together with wood tones or dark unit tones creates a warm atmosphere.


farn green

This juicy, rich colour discreetly refreshes dark woods and solid colours and interprets the theme of nature in a very trendy way.


niagara green

Depending on the combination with warm or cooler shades, this so-called aqua colour appears greenish or bluish.