HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table 

VARIO HAIMISH is a sitting/standing table that forms a perfect symbiosis of cosiness and professional working comfort.

Scandinavian warmth and clarity are reflected in the choice of materials and design language.

The table top is made of an innovative lacquer board, which impresses with a super matt surface in black or white and at the same time does not show fingerprints. The chamfered edge of the tabletop is painstakingly lacquered by hand, resulting in a filigree look. In combination with the rounded corners, the table looks homely and modern at the same time. This impression is supported by recessed storage trays made of oak and accessories from a Scandinavian manufacturer that can be attached to the tabletop.

In the sitting/standing table version, the HAIMISH tabletop is combined with a recessed table frame that can be adjusted in height by an electric motor. The working height can be adjusted in the range from 650 mm to 1,300 mm. The table frame is based on round columns with a diameter of 70 mm and has a symmetrical design. The colour finish is black or white.

A cable tray below the tabletop keeps things tidy. The cable tray takes up the bevelled shape of the tabletop, and the cables are routed to the rear edge of the table via the slots in it. From the cable tray to the floor, the cables are routed in a black fabric tube with a zip.

During the development of VARIO HAIMISH, particular attention was paid to the responsible use of resources and environmentally friendly production. The table can be completely dismantled and thus separated by type. The components used can be replaced if damaged.

Prof. Bernd Benninghoff, the designer of VARIO HAMISH, explains his approach as follows: "For me, it is basically a matter of using authentic materials in all product developments, achieving the highest possible quality of detail and giving the product an independent character in order to make it as valuable as possible and thus long-lasting."

Width: 1200 / 1400 / 1600 mm
Depth: 600 / 700 / 800 mm
Height: electrically adjustable from 650 to 1300 mm

Design: Prof. Bernd Benninghoff (2021)

VARIO HAIMISH was awarded bdia ausgesucht 2021 the German Design Award Winner 2022.

Equipment features
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Multifunctional clamp
Multifunctional clamp
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Magazine rack
Magazine rack
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Waste paper basket
Waste paper basket
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Utensil box
Utensil box
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Round table D280
Round table D280
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Round table D380
Round table D380
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Monitor holder
Monitor holder
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Garden shed
Garden shed
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Storage tray small
Storage tray small
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Pen tray small
Pen tray small
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Storage tray for MagSafe
Storage tray for MagSafe
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Pen tray large
Pen tray large
HAIMISH Sit-Stand Table Horizontal cable guide
Horizontal cable guide
Table Frame
black matt
black matt
Lacquer plate black
Lacquer plate black
Lacquer plate white
Lacquer plate white
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