For Stand-Up Meetings.

Write down your ideas on the table’s whiteboard surface and instantly transform your work into a presentation by flipping down the table.


LET’S TALK Flip Classic in standing height, with whiteboard table top

W/D/H in mm: 2000/800/1050

Table top: premium white


Base: black/stainless steel



VERSA H Open MiniCaddy

W/D/H in mm: 430/428/575


The VERSA H Mini Caddy can be utilised as a printer trolley or container underneath a desk. With a seat cushion, it easily becomes a temporary seat and a hinged handle transforms it into a mini transporter.


Design in premium white

on 4 castors

1 shelf for files



VERSA H Seat Cushion

W/D/H in mm: 390/405/50

Surface: BLAZER



PET PORT Hanging Sound Absorbing Panel

The VARIO PET PORT partition system brings a pleasant atmosphere into the office environment thanks to its visually gentle and soft to the touch felt surface. The 100% homogeneous PET felt has excellent sound absorbing properties and is extremely lightweight and durable.

Besides using the panels to for privacy, standing partitions, or sound dampening, PET PORT panels can also create partitions that are hung from the ceiling.


PET PORT 4-sections

Horizontal suspension (4 x PET PORT 1600 x 410 mm with connection and suspension components)



PET PORT 1-section

Vertical suspension (1 x PET PORT 700 x 1800 mm with suspension components)