M7 Media Sideboard

W/D/H in mm: 2000/435/794


VARIO’s M7 media sideboard is a clean solution for the use of media technology – especially in presentational and demanding environments. An extendable lift for flat screen monitors, driven by an electromotor, accepts monitors with sizes of up to 1112 x 6000 x 65 mm recede into the cabinet’s body when not in use. This feature is easily operated with a remote control. The middle section can either be equipped with storage compartments or with a light box. The LED lighting offers a broad spectrum of colours; additionally, a back-lit picture or corporate logo can be attached.


Design in premium white

Handle strips in natural aluminium

Detachable back panel with ventilation slits

2x triple socket with supply cable 4500 mm



CHANGE 2-piece Sit/Stand Meeting Table

Measurements W/D/H in mm: 3200/1200/650-1250


With VARIO CHANGE as a conference table, it is very easy to change from a seated conference table to a standing one – both with individual meeting tables as well as with interlinked tables. The height of the electromotive sit/stand table can be adjusted from 650 mm to 1250 mm via a control panel; 4 different height adjustments can be stored using the memory function.


Design in soft touch H5 grey-brown

with table base in premium white



2 x Socket Box Top Frame (2 x power outlets, 2 x RJ45 CAT6, 1 x HDMI)

2 x Qi Wireless Charger