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[ September 2019 ]




Set it up once and that‘s it? Not with M1! Moving, shifting, rebuilding and restacking, in height and width, upwards and downwards - everything is possible. Our M1 stackable box system can be assembled and converted without tools, for a wide variety of shelving, storage and desk solutions. A highly flexible piece of furniture which we are developing and adding to consistently, most recently the M1 Frame Element that won one of the prizes at the VARIO Design Competition 2018. M1 remains lively and vibrant, even with large cabinet solutions: with or without flaps, doors or castors, with seat cushions, surfaces to write on, desk tops, plant inserts and much more. Fully variable, with a clear line and mobility in mind. For all those for whom change is important. Sustainably produced, made in Liederbach/Taunus.