M1.1 Unit for Kitchen and Bar

40 individual shelves with push-to-open hinge doors

Total W/H/D in mm: 3220/2140/400


The rear of the M1.1 wall with 40 individual shelves (see RECEPTION) is ideal for use as a kitchenette. The robust framework provides a sturdy footprint and adequate storage space. Additional storage, like shelves and storage boxes, can be hung in the horizontal slots. The front 40 individual storage compartments create surfaces which can be used as a canvas for personalized designs, for instance, adding a corporate logo



CONCLUSION Coffee Counter

W/H/D in mm: 2500/1100/850


The CONCLUSION coffee counter is a popular meeting place in the office. A place for informal meetings and an ideal place for guests and employees to come together.


Components of the M1.1 product range offer storage space for all types of kitchen utensils.


Comprised of:


Side panel + rear panel

designed in lava


Counter top

W/D/H in mm: 2700/400/50

designed in lava stone grey


2 x M1.1 box

with 1 drawer, H in mm: 400

designed in premium white


2 x M1.1 box

2 drawers, H in mm: 400

designed in premium white


1 x M1.1 box

with hinge door, H in mm: 800

designed in premium white


1 x M1.1 cover plate

W/D/H in mm: 2400/600/25

designed in stone grey


1 x M1.1 platform

W/D/H in mm: 2400/400/29

standard feature: adjustable glides